My start

I’d like to think the things I write matter. But so far the writing I have done feels like it doesn’t. I have never written for myself before, the writing I have done have been school assignments and never topics that I am passionate about.

My writing level is fairly good. I always seem to get good feedback and grades, but I put the words together not really caring all that much. It was just to get the mark. So I imagine if I wrote about something I was passionate about or interested in I could go way beyond just getting a good grade.

o-blogging-facebookI am excited about starting a blog, I want to start writing and being creative on a daily basis and this is the perfect opportunity to start.  The idea of reaching people around the world with things I write is really motivational to me.

It’s a cool thought that anyone could see it, especially a future employer. It gives me an opportunity to show what I’m capable of on a different level then what they could get from just an interview. That being said, I want and need to continue to work on my writing skills and put my ideas and thoughts out there for people and future employers to see.

In my opinion this is more than just a school blog. This is a conversation piece, something to mention during an interview, something that could lead to a job or meeting someone I never would have met otherwise. This blog is another way to make a connection in the world.


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